Ignition - A William Hawk Novel

On his sixteenth birthday, William Hawk awakes like any other morning - a teenage boy focused on girls, cars, and food. But, before he can even finish eating, William’s Change Agent III status activates, and his responsibility to save Earth from evil begins. Just months before, on her sixteenth birthday, Grace’s Change Agent III status reveals an appalling truth: her malevolent twin brother is the Dark Master reincarnated. After years of being brutalized by her brother and deemed crazed by her family, Grace finally encounters the opportunity to free herself from her brother’s terror and help William save her planet. While seven of the ten worlds within the universe have defeated evil, none have combated the Dark Master directly. With the help of family, Native Americans, and friends from Earth and beyond, William must discern his new, pre-bio memories and conquer his pre-bio mistakes to deliver Earth toward the freedom of final ignition.