You never know where (or how) inspiration may strike!

You never know where (or how) inspiration may strike!

You know when music reminds you of certain times in your life, or pushes you to create something yourself?

If you’re a follower of this blog, then you’ve already heard about some of the biggest inspiration behind Ignition: my near-death experience. For those who aren’t followers, here’s the short summary: I fell into a fire, sustaining significant injuries that left me hospitalized.

But there are a few other things that really inspired me during my early writing days...

While recovering from my accident, unable to do much else, I started listening to music -- really listening. Before I was even thinking about writing a book, I latched onto one album in particular: Invader Volume 2 by award-winning New Zealand Hip Hop group Rapture Ruckus.

Fast-forward a few years and an unusual artistic relationship has blossomed between Rapture Ruckus frontman Brad Dring and myself…

Brad has written a 5 song EP for Ignition. You might have seen updates about the music video in past blog posts. The EP works as a soundtrack for the novel and it’s characters, bringing to life the struggle of Ignition’s protagonist William Hawk.

With track titles such as “PROOF OF LIFE” and “FICTIONAL” the EP also touches on the bigger-picture questions Ignition evokes, parsing through right and wrong, good and evil, and the power of selfless love.

I couldn’t think of a better compliment to my writing, or a better creative partner than Brad and Rapture Ruckus. In some ways, Rapture Ruckus shaped my writing of Ignition, and it was a privilege to see my writing in Ignition shape Brad’s music in turn.

I think this is a good example of the power of different art forms to impact one another. Visual artists influence writers, writers influence musicians and musicians influence painters. It’s a beautiful cycle.

People find inspiration anywhere, at any time in life. Whether you’ve just had an unexpected setback or are riding high, there’s only one thing you have to do to write, to paint, to create:

Listen. Listen to what your gut is telling you, what your creative mind is telling you, and follow that voice.