What Does Selfless Love Have to Do With Writing and SciFi?

What Does Selfless Love Have to Do With Writing and SciFi?

If you follow Ignition and the William Hawk series on Facebook or Twitter, you might have heard us throwing around the term “selfless love” before.

It’s an important concept to me, and to the William Hawk books. Selfless love is all about making the world a better place by giving and giving back in a way that pushes the boundaries of our personal comfort zones. I think of it as doing things for others and our community that create a ripple effect of positive change.

And, spoiler, I see selfless love as the main theme of Ignition.

In fact, my biggest hope for readers of Ignition is that they’ll become inspired to perform random acts of selfless love. That they’ll be pushed to test the limits of what they’re willing to give to others in order to create a greater good.

As Ignition came into focus, I felt most comfortable writing a SciFi title because I feel that ScFi is an especially powerful avenue for self-revelation. Almost all books spark self-discovery, because there are as many ways of reading a book as there are readers.

But there’s something special about SciFi in particular. It is a genre that, at its most basic, questions everything. It asks readers to open their minds to the seemingly impossible and to expand the boundaries of their beliefs and values.

In asking you to get a little uncomfortable, to examine the way things are with curiosity and an eye to change, SciFi invites you to come to revelations on your own.

In this way, it can make messages like that of selfless love shine brighter.

By entering the other-worldly realm of William Hawk, suspending disbelief and embarking on a magical journey with the characters in Ignition, you may find your own worldview shifting slightly as your heart opens.

I hope that the William’s story will spark a change in you -- however small -- towards selfless love.

Download the first chapter for free to get a sneak preview, or grab the whole thing on Amazon. Once you start, you may not want to put it down...