The Ignition book trailer is out….and it’s going viral

The Ignition book trailer is out….and it’s going viral

What happens when a HUGE video production company responsible for some of your favorite music vids puts its magic touch into creating a book trailer?

The trailer comes out like a mini-movie -- and goes viral!

Which is exactly what happened with the trailer for my novel Ignition. Before Thanksgiving, I launched the Ignition book trailer on my Facebook page. In less than 48 hours, it had gotten 40,000 views and 175 likes!

Over the next week it received almost 140,000 views (!). As of today, my page has 11,420 likes - and counting.

It’s electrifying to feel the positive energy from sci-fi lovers, the YA-obsessed and general bookworms alike! And I am deeply grateful to the production crew over at Gear Seven in Nashville and director Matthew Underwood. They are truly state-of-the-art, and I do believe that having a production team that’s used to working for rock stars and big business has made all the difference between “yet another book trailer” and our “mini movie”!

If you haven’t seen the video, here’s my shameless plug: If you mixed Stranger Things, Riverdale and Labyrinth together, that’s the mood we were going for.

Check it out!