Surprising Inspiration

Surprising Inspiration

Just a couple of years ago, I would never have imagined writing a book.

Then, I was severely burned in an accident and in the hospital for months. While recovering, I found myself with a lot of time to think. I had spent years building businesses and making money. After almost losing my life, it only seemed right that I begin working for others, instead of myself. The revelations this sentiment brought made me realize it’s time now to stop moving away from making machines and instead turn toward making things that will inspire people.

Just as with my work in machining, it seemed my ideas were complex and required a variety of modes of implementation. If my goal was to inspire many people, it only made sense to convey it different ways. This meant I needed to find distinct methods of communication to reach the most people possible.

One of these was a series of science fiction novels: William Hawk.

In fact, shortly after my recovery period, the entire book came to me in a flash of inspiration. The experience was uncanny and incredibly hard to describe, but I’ll try: it was as if some external force or being gave me the idea, delivered it, fully formed. It seemed that my role was simply one of a conduit receiving the story with the understanding that my role would be to share it with the world.

Writers often talk about feeling this way: like some external force, being or deity has taken over their mind, using it as a tool for their own work. This is exactly how I felt, and still feel.

Perhaps you could call it “divine inspiration.”

In any event, it is clear to me that my job now is to spread the word as best as I can. Keep an eye here to learn more about the process!

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