Reading for Writing

Reading for Writing

One of the best parts about being an author is having time to read again. In fact, we are supposed to read for work! People are constantly saying the best thing writers can do is read in the genera.

Authors should allow themselves blocks of time to read throughout the week. It’s difficult not to let myself run away with a book too much. I tend to get caught up in a good book and not look up until the final page.

As I searched for the best books to read, I began with Amazon and Goodreads. What a perfect pairing! By using the search tools under the Books section of Amazon, I was able to narrow it down to the best YA Science Fiction & Fantasy books. Then, I could read reviews on Amazon and check out Goodreads for additional information. I found some high-quality books there and even identified my comps!

Now I am on overdrive. I am working through my sixth book in seven weeks, and it seems like it is helping my writing. I used the books’ descriptions as I wrote my own last week. And I am trying to identify story arcs using the Save the Cat model once I complete each book. It’s such good practice for me as a young writer, and it is fun.

What methods do you use to find good books to read? Do you read to improve your writing?