Parallax press release

Parallax press release

With under a week left until the publication of Parallax, we're circulating the press release!

I thought my readers might be interested in getting another insider view of the book, so without further ado...


Parallax, a Prequel to the Viral Ignition by Anonymous Author William Hawk, Gives Readers New Entry Point Into Battle of Good & Evil

As the book trailer for Ignition gathered over 200k+ views overnight back in October 2017, anonymous author “William Hawk” was already hard at work on its prequel, Parallax.

Now, fans and new readers have a fresh entry point into the series that Kirkus Reviews touts as “an entertaining read,” and has been called, “intense”, “deep” and “unusual” by book bloggers across the US.

Re-introducing a young William Hawk, before his world gets turned upside down through the discovery of strange powers, Parallax opens with William lying in a pod, peering through its translucent cover and watching a series of images from the parallax flicker on the ceiling above him. The last image he sees is of a tropical field…

Suddenly, his pod is gone, and he finds himself in that field, in the body of an ancient Mayan who’s being hunted by Spanish conquistadors. For the next 500 breaths, William will literally live in the skin—and experience the peril—of another person from another time.

The prequel then follows William as he trains to become the person he will need to be in order to defeat pure evil. Part of a five-person team organized by the Ancient Engineer, William is charged with learning empathy and compassion during these brief “snaps,” or “tag-alongs.” Living in a different person’s body and in a different era in time with each one, William and the others—including the girl he loves, Grace—take another step closer to achieving Change Agent 3 status. By doing so they receive enlightenment and are granted superhuman powers they could use to change the world for the better.

But there’s a catch: Change Agents can advance to Level 3 only as a team, and one of them, Hunter, has other plans. Whether he’s assumed the form of a sword-wielding conquistador or the evil humanoid known as Little Horn, Hunter is intent on preventing the others from surviving—let alone completing—the tag-alongs and carrying out the Ancient Engineer’s grand plans…

About the Author

The William Hawk series is the brainchild of an accomplished inventor, machinist and CEO writing under the pen name William Hawk. A life-changing accident and spiritual awakening sparked the author's inspiration for this story of humanity, hope, selflessness and redemption.

Title: Parallax

Author: William Hawk

Paperback: 240

Publisher: Echo Press

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-0999288719

ISBN-10: 0999288717