More Press for Ignition the Book…AND the Soundtrack!...

More Press for Ignition the Book…AND the Soundtrack!...

Well, it’s the two month mark since Ignition’s release date and I’m delighted to say the book is still bringing in dynamite reviews and press! I can’t describe the feeling of reading what others experienced while going through Ignition. It’s so thrilling to know readers are connecting with my characters and bringing them to life in their imaginations.

The cherry on top: the Ignition Original Soundtrack, written and performed by award-winning hip hop group Rapture Ruckus, is starting to draw press from music and mainstream media alike! I have a unique relationship with the frontman of Rapture Ruckus, Brad Dring. His music helped me through a harrowing time, so getting his creative energy involved with the book was nothing short of miraculous.

Here’s a peek at some of my favorite media shout outs for Ignition the book and the Ignition Original Soundtrack:

  • New Release Today covered Rapture Ruckus’ release of the music video for “Fictional”, a song off the Ignition Original Soundtrack. If you haven’t seen the music video yet, you’re missing out! Here’s a link.
  • CCM Magazine also covered the “Fictional” video. If you’re into the song, CCM included a link to purchase the single.
  • YES FM based in Maumee, OH interviewed Brad Dring, frontman of Rapture Ruckus, on the process of writing music to accompany a book.
  • Paperback Paris gave Ignition the novel a glowing review, saying: “This book was intense and I am looking forward to the next two novels.”

When you’re working on a project like this -- a book series and an accompanying soundtrack and music video -- there’s always trepidation. Luckily, I listened to my creative vision instead of my nerves. It has resulted in some of the most satisfying work of my life.

If you haven’t grabbed a copy of Ignition yet, check it out!