Ignition is OUT and available for sale!

Ignition is OUT and available for sale!

We are THRILLED to announce thatIgnition is published!

The first book in a trilogy, Ignition follows protagonist William Hawk’s who wakes up on his sixteenth birthday to discover that his “boring” life as a seemingly average teen interested in girls, cars and food gets turned upside down. His Change Agent III status, which until now he knew nothing about, suddenly activates at 12:27 p.m. -- complete with strange powers and a responsibility to save Earth from evil.

Kirkus Reviews touts Ignition as “an entertaining read.” Yet beyond sheer entertainment, the novel raises complex questions about our responsibility to take care of our world and our fellow man.

I’ll be sharing more info on the book soon.

For now, I have so many people to thank: friends, family and colleagues who served as brainstormers and beta readers. Editorial pros who helped me polish the pages till they shined, the team over at BookSavvy Public Relations, who has held my hand through the publishing process while carrying out a high-powered media campaign.

There are others, too: Brad Dring, frontman of the award-winning New Zealand Hip Hop group Rapture Ruckus, whose album Invader Volume 2 has been an incredible muse. And the amazing video production team at Gear Seven in Nashville produced my viral book trailer.

Not to mention all the chance encounters with Sci-Fi fans, musicians and people on the street. Writing a book meant to inspire readers is a group effort, and we’re so thankful for the people that have helped along the way!

Grab a copy on Kindle or have one sent straight to your door in time for holiday downtime for the tween in your life (or, you know, yourself).