Ignition is Getting Great Reviews! Read On…

Ignition is Getting Great Reviews! Read On…

Ignition has officially been out for over a month! And it’s starting to get reviewed!

Like all authors I suppose, I was riddled with doubts while working on Ignition: Would it get done? Would the book’s core messages about selfless love and resilience ultimately shine through and touch readers?…

But now that reviews of the book are rolling in, I can set some of those doubts aside. As an author, I feel so excited to hear that people are experiencing the story I wrote, and I feel so honored when readers and reviewers really connect with the book.

Below, I’m recapping some of my favorite reviews of Ignition thus far:

  • The Nerdy Girl Expresskept it short and sweet, saying “I don’t want to really give anything away because I’m positive if you give this book a read, you will be more than pleasantly surprised at how much you will love the story.”
  • Book Room Reviews gave Ignition 4 stars, saying, “The themes of this book are very deep, which is unique for a young adult book.”
  • Evil Queen Books summarized their thoughts, saying: “Overall I think this book was great. I loved how it managed to keep my interest with the sci-fi/dystopian elements. It also managed to incorporate Native American culture into it which I found to be very interesting.”

And I love seeing social media mentions. Thanks to Girl Who Reads for the shout out and picture!

As an author, I’m so excited to watch the book make bigger ripples in the world, and am thrilled that some readers are already itching for book two...which reminds me...I’ve got some writing to do!