If you read my last post, you know that the content of the William Hawk series came to me in a surprising manner. It was an incredibly overwhelming experience, and it took me a long time to determine to whom to owe the credit.

Authors tend to yearn for recognition - especially after so many years of toiling in solitude. Why then, would any author choose to pass under the radar, anonymous, without revealing his true name or face?

For me, this decision comes after a long period of deliberation and soul-searching. As I’ve mentioned, I can’t help feeling that my role as an author is primarily one of a conduit for the message I have received. The message is powerful and universal, but it is also deeply personal. Remaining anonymous allows me to balance bringing it out into the world with living it internally on a day to day basis in my own individual, personal way.

Only as a nameless, faceless voice can I do this message justice. The William Hawk series is about the message, not about me.